Chapter & Verse Bookstore and Cafe

Christians are a people of stories. We know that God spoke all things into being, from nothing, through the Word. He told a story. We know that our parents fell out of fellowship with God by telling a story. We know they were tempted by a story and we know the storyteller who did the tempting would be crushed when the author of all stories wrote himself into the pages of the universe and showed us how the story will continue and end with the death of death; the return to life everlasting.

Stories are important. We want Chapter and Verse to be a place to gather around stories. Where you can find resources to better understand the story God has told and continues to tell. A place to share your own story. A place to find stories that edify and exercise your imagination.

Chapter and Verse is a non-profit, volunteer run, ministry of Carriage Lane. We serve to make it easier for members and guests to find quality stories and resources for becoming stronger followers of The Way. Books and other media are offered at near wholesale price. Any profits go directly back into the bookstore to improve service to our readers.